Publication Titles
In the next few pages you will find a list of selected publications, articles, and presentations covering a broad spectrum of topics. This list is not complete, but more illustrative of an ability to develop intellectual capital were needed.

Some may find interesing the methods for developing software that will function securely thru the open internet. Additionally, some of the presentations about developing security practices for the creation of software may also demonstrate relevance to various process and quality management initiatives.

Process methodologies are a personal core interest, and can be applied to virtually any domain. Without limitation, one may consider the work at Sandia Labs, Bell Labs, and Integrated Design & Process Technology.

The Conference Board work "Case Study: Creating A New Offshore Model To Meet Diverse Needs" dealt in part with the concept of deploying a unifying process across multiple business units, from an experienced implementation perspective. The methodologies discussed there can be applied to many situations.

Some human factor design work is memorialized in Product Development and Design Processes: Human Factor Considerations for Documenting Procedures. This work I believe has relevance to many product development situations.
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